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Manufactured with quality & precision since 1984

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Lighting Controls

The worlds most reliable and accurate outdoor lighting controls and accessories

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Smart Pole Systems

Multi-operator communication enclosed platforms for 5G & IOT

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39 Years


Photocells 100% Designed, Manufactured & Tested in Ireland

Longlife Photocells


The most reliable and accurate photocell on the market

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Luminaire Multimeter

One handed electrical measurements directly at the ANSI/NEMA socket

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Zhaga Photocells

Zhaga 40mm

Designed with features for new DALI enabled LED smart streetlight luminaires & SR enabled LED drivers

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Pioneering Technology

We pioneered the change to silicon eye response ambient light detection in photocells.

Our attention to long-term photocell accuracy and ambient light sensor selection guarantees peace of mind to our customers.