AcRo Mini 


Engineered for use in any Luminaire regardless of IP rating


The AcRo Mini series photocell utilises a filtered silicon based ambient light sensor and microprocessor control. This accurate combination provides the best energy savings and reliable operation


Engineered in the EU with a 15 year design life and manufactured in-house using only high quality name brand components, the AcRo series photocells are renowned in the industry for their unparalleled quality and reliability

Fully encapsulated electronic circuitry and light sensor using a UV stabilised, high temperature long life potting material.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully encapsulated electronic circuitry and light sensor are completely impervious to humidity and moisture.
  • Designed to meet the needs of LED fixtures while still maintaining proven reliability for more traditional technologies.
  • Electronic design outperforms thermal controls.
  • Energy efficient design with an average power consumption <0.25 watts.
  • Sensor window designed to survive all types of outdoor conditions.
  • Rated for 400W HID or LED luminaire (Max 10 amps).
  • A 48 hour operational burn-in test is performed on every unit before leaving the factory.
  • UV stabilised polycarbonate housing is rated and tested to IP68.
  • ROHS compliant.


Dimensions - Housing55mm L x 33mm D x 48mm H
2.16” L x 1.3” D x 1.88” H
Dimensions - Sensor Window12mm Ø x 18mm (M20)
0.47 Ø x 0.70” (M20)
Warranty8 years standard.
10 years available on request.
Mains Supply Voltage200 - 260 Volts AC - 50/60 Hz.
Power Supply ConsumptionLess than 0.25 Watt
Max Load10 Amps
Load Rating1.8KVA Ballast / 1000 Watts
Operating Temperature-20° C to +80° C
-4° F to +176° F
Enclosure Protection RatingIP67
UV stabilised Polycarbonate housing
and unique light diffusion lens.
Enclosure provides full protection
from internal luminaire light leakage
and 'side-on' internal refraction and
IP67 sealing properties.
Standards ComplianceEnvironmental RoHS, EN55015,
EN61547, EN6100-3-2, EN6100 -3-3
IEC 61347-1:2015,
Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
IS EN ISO 9002: 2015,
ANSI C136.24 2004
Switch 'On' light levels10 to 120 Lux ± 0.025
1 to 11 fc ± 0.025
Switching Ratio1:0.5 to 1:1.5
Ambient Light SensorColor corrected photodiode + amplifier
Switching Time Delay25 Seconds or as specified
Switching OptionsDusk to Dawn.
Part night option available.