Westire DALI D4i Motion Dimming Module & Photocell

DALI Dimming Photocells

Dims the streetlight and increases to full brightness once movement is detected for cost & energy savings


The Westire DALI D4i Motion Dimming module & photocell utilises Westire’s silicon & colour corrected light sensor and microprocessor control. This accurate combination provides the best energy savings and reliable operation.


Engineered in the EU with a 35 year design life and manufactured in-house using only high quality name brand components, the 8400 series photocells are renowned in the industry for their unparalleled quality and reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Motion activated streetlighting

  •  Save energy, save money & provide lighting when needed

  • Automatically switches streetlights “Off” or “On”, motion module activated illumination

  • Road, streetlighting and area lighting dimming control requirements

  • Interoperable with either Zhaga, ANSI/NEMA Westire Photocells


  • Streetlight dims by pre-set amount until activated by movement 

  • Default 20% power output

  • Default 100% output for 2 minutes when activated

  • Customised lighting profiles available

  • Easy to fit in Zhaga D4i or standard ANSI/NEMA Twistlock C136 sockets 

  • Interoperability with DALI D4i approved LED drivers

  • Incorporates all features of Westire’s gold standard photocells

  • Designed to operate within DALI-2 – D4i ecosystem

  • Version available for ANSI/NEMA C136 Socket 

Interoperability with DALI D4i approved LED drivers & designed to operate within DALI 2 – D4i ecosystem 


Dimensions 9400 photocell86mm x 53.34mm
3.38” x 2.1”
Dimensions Zhaga40mm x 30mm
1.5” x 1.18”
Dimensions Motion Module79.7mm x 42.05 mm
3.13” x 1.67”
Receptacle CompatabilityZhaga Book 18 & ANSI/NEMA
Photocell Warranty8 years
Power 9400 Photocell85V to 305V AC - 50/60 Hz
Power Zhaga Photocell24V DC
Power Motion ModulePowered from DALI Bus
Power Consumption - 9400 Photocell<500mW
Power Consumption - Zhaga Photocell<0.01 W
Power Consumption - Motion Module6-8mA from DA
Ambient Light Sensor for Zhaga and 9400 photocellsSilicon & colour corrected
Switching Time Delay for ZHaga and 9400 photocells25 seconds or on request
Switching Zhaga & 9400 photocell20:20 Standard (Other settings on request)
Standards 9400DALI2 D4i, IS EN ISO 9001 2015,
Environmental RoHS 2015 BS5972
Standards ZhagaIE 62386 - 101
IE 62386 - 103
IE62386 - 351 (Type A control device)
Temperature Rating Zhaga-30° C to +70° C
-22° F to +158° F
Temperature Rating 9400-20° C to +80° C
-4° F to +176° F
Temperature Rating Motion Module-40° C to +65° C
-40° F to +149° F
IP Rating 9400IP68
IP Rating ZhagaIP66
IP Rating Motion ModuleIP66
Standards Motion ModuleZhaga Book 18,1,2 & 3, Zhaga Book 18 Editions 1, 2 &3, DiiA Parts 351, IEC 62386 Part 303, 101 & 103