NEMA Pole/Wall Mounting Bracket


Ideal for surface mounting a locking type photo-controller

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for surface mounting a locking type photocontroller on poles, walls etc
  • Also supplied as a kit which includes a NEMA socket, gasket, fastening screws, IP 67 connecting cable, sealing grommet and the standard or specified length of cable.
  • Compatible with 3 pin or 5 pin or 7 pin sockets.


Part NumberDescription
844001Pole Mounting Bracket - Receptacle not included
844001KPole Mounting Bracket Kit - Includes (3 pin) Receptacle, Gasket, Screws, PG11 cable gland & 2 meters of cable.
844001KXXPole Mounting Bracket Kit Custom Cable length -
Includes all items from 844001K, replace XX with desired cable length in meters)