Zhaga 40 mm

Zhaga Photocells

Designed with features for the new DALI enabled LED smart streetlight luminaires & SR enabled LED drivers


Westires Zhaga 9000 Book 18 photocell utilises Westire Eye Response filtered silicon based ambient light sensor and microprocessor control running advanced algorithms. This combination provides the best energy savings and reliable operation.


Engineered and assembled in the EU, with a 20 year design life using only name brand components and high quality materials. The Zhaga 9000 series photocells are of renowned quality all while maintaining value and reliability. Each unit has a full electrical and 48 hour operational burn-in test before leaving the factory.

Designed to meet the needs of DALI enabled LED smart street light luminaries.

Features & Benefits

  • Complies with the Zhaga Book 18 Interface.

  • Various multilevel dimming levels available.

  • Designed to meet the needs of DALI enabled LED smart street light luminaries.

  • Energy efficient design with the lowest possible electronic circuitry energy consumption.

  • Low voltage 24Volt DC.

  • No photocell switching circuitry.
  • Its low voltage circuitry enables it to be fitted without turning off the man supply to the lighting unit.
  • Small compact size.

  • A full electrical and 48 hour operational burn-in test is performed on every unit before leaving the factory.

  • ROHS compliant.

  • Upward facing ambient light sensor and self cleaning dome.

  • Less wiring and reduced luminaire assembly time.



  • Automatically switches street lights off/on at dawn/dusk.

  • Road, street lighting and area lighting controls.

  • Custom calculated midnight dimming.

  • Interfaces with DALI-2 enabled LED luminaire drivers.

  • Ideal for all types of DALI enabled outdoor lighting controls.

  • Wall mounting bracket available.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions81.26 Ø x 36.64 mm H
3.2” Ø x 1.4” H
Zhaga Book 18
Warranty10 years standard
Mains Supply24 Volts DC
Average Power Consumption<0.01 Watts
Operating Temperature-30⁰C to +70⁰C
-22⁰F to +158⁰F
Enclosure Protection RatingHigh impact IK09 impact rated
protection. IP66.
Standards ComplianceDALI-2, D4I,
IS EN ISO 9001: 2015,
Environmental RoHS.
Switch “On” Light Level20:20 Lux
Other switching available on request.
Switching Ratio1:1 Standard.
Other settings available on request.
Ambient Light SensorColour corrected silicon sensor
Switching Time DelayInstant “On” :25 Seconds Delay Off or as specified.
Switching/Dimming OptionsDALI dusk to dawn.
Multiple dimming options available.