Pole Systems

for 4G, 5G & IoT

The EVOLUTION Smart Pole Systems are custom designed to meet the needs and requirements of each municipality and be aesthetically integrated into its existing infrastructure to deliver a revenue generating location for 4G and 5G deployments, whilst providing the ideal location for the municipalities smart city applications solutions, public WI-FI, CCTV, small cells, smart city sensors, 4G and 5G infrastructure.

Westire is the Irish and UK distributor of the LIGMAN Evolve EVOLUTION Smart Pole Systems.


The EVOLUTION One has been designed for the telco industry, to be the ideal location in which telco equipment can be housed whilst ensuring ease of deployment, longevity and efficiency.

It has the capability of thermally managing of up to 1200W of heat in each of the podiums, making the deployment of Mini-macro, Macro and Small Cell equipment possible at street level. The full range of telco equipment covering Macro LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi technologies can be installed with confidence and ease.

In addition, the EVOLUTION One can host standard technologies such as EV charging, digital signage, cameras, sensors, environmental sensors etc. It allows for the future deployment of emerging and smart city technologies which is easily achievable through utilising their numerous access hatches. Discrete and aesthetically sensitive, the EVOLUTION One fits perfectly into any environment.

With a 360° lighting luminaire, independent cable conduits, power management, maintenance and serviceability; this is a scalable, repeatable and cost-effective solution to meet the real and growing needs of today’s Mobile Network Operators.


The EVOLUTION Eco is a natural choice when replacing existing street lighting columns with telco ready solutions. It can incorporate up to four outreach arms with lengths up to 4 meters. It allows for the use of the municipalities existing luminaires to be mounted ensuring continuity of the street lighting design and compliance with standards. The most demanding street-lighting requirements can be met with a luminaire mounting height of up to 15 metres.

EVOLUTION Eco can accommodate canister antennas allowing the discrete deployment of telco Infrastructure within the pole’s profile.

The EVOLUTION range provide MNO’s with an alternative street level solution to the traditional rooftop and tower sites onto which Mini-macro, Macro and Small Cell equipment covering Macro LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi technologies can be mounted.

With the increasing demand for standalone 5G deployments, the need for locations at street level to provide the ideal location and deliver high speed data are highly sought after by the MNO’s. The need for poles as frequently as every 400m to be replaced to achieve this, will require close cooperation with the municipality and offer them great revenue generating opportunities through replacement of their infrastructure with EVOLUTION poles.

Their flexibility and accessibility make the EVOLUTION poles invaluable pieces of future proofed infrastructure on which emerging Smart City technological developments can be deployed.

EVOLUTION Podium & Bollard

The EVOLUTION bollard is the core component of the EVOLUTION Eco and One modular and flexible pole system. The Bollard:

  • can be used as a standalone enclosure for power and fibre.
  • can be used as a standalone enclosure next to an existing pole to house radios etc.
  • can be provided with thermal management if high power telco equipment is to be installed.
  • can generate revenue by housing EV charging points or power outlets for events and market stalls.
  • is expandable up to three podiums tall.

Additional Podiums can be installed on top of the Bollard to house power, fibre and telecoms equipment.

Place it where you need it

Features & Benefits

  • Integrate seamlessly with the existing city infrastructure.
  • Reduces street clutter through housing multiple services.
  • Reduces technology clutter through installing it in the EVOLUTION smart pole system.
  • Provides fit for purpose locations for 4G and 5G Macro and Small cells as well as public Wi-FI, CCTV and environmental sensors.
  • Compatible with modern or heritage luminaires.
  • Aesthetic form factor.

Mobile Network Operators

Gain quick and easy access to street level infrastructure in urban and rural areas. House the core components, fibre and power in a single enclosure.

Tower Company / Service Providers

Work with Local Authorities to swap out their existing infrastructure and gain access to those essential street locations. Deliver multi tenancy locations quickly and easily.

Telecommunication Contractors &  Installers

Build core components into the EVOLUTION system off site and reduce the on-site installation time.

City Councils, Local Authorities & Municipalities

Generate revenue through long term leasing of the space within and on the assets to the MNO’s. Gain access to fit for purpose locations for smart city technology.

Street Lighting Departments

Retain the aesthetic view of the street through use of your existing luminaires on the EVOLUTION poles.

Street Lighting Installers

Installation and maintenance practices remain unchanged as the equipment matches the existing infrastructure. Easy access to disconnect telecom equipment for maintenance activities.

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